Brined green pepper – home made

gruener pfeffer
Why should I brine green pepper? It is quite easy to say – did you ever buy brined green pepper in the supermarket? It bugs so – the price is immense.
I’ll show you
The picture shows 3 jars with pepper. The smallest is the supermarket thing, the next on is 200g jar (about 8 wekks old) and the biggest is filled 400g fresh green pepper.
The costs are a little different:

  • Supermarket 50g = 3,99 €
  • Fresh green pepper 200g = 5 €
  • Fresh green pepper 400g = 8,80 €

Shoppinglist for 400g
400g fresh green pepper
3 tablespoons vinegar
4 tablespoons rum
A pinch suger
15 g salt (~ 2 teaspoons)
½ l water
That’s all

Heat the pot with water and salt until you can’t see the salt. Let a cook for 2 minutes. Be careful with the salt. Taste the water.

Rub the pepper corns from the panicle. Wash them and put in into a jar (you can even use two smaller once). Add the vinegar to the water. Take the rum or cognac and pour it over the pepper.
Now pour the salty water in the jar (to the edge). Close the jar and put it upside down for ½ hour.
Finished- there is no date of expiry –
Green pepper is awesome for a steak dinner or BBQ. The brine is wonderful for steak sauce. Have you ever try green pepper with strawberries? You should!

Something about pepper:
What is the difference between green, white and black pepper.
Well, nothing special – it is all from the same plant. Green pepper is only earlier harvest then the white one. Then they wash and rub the green pepper, so it losing his skin and it is white. Black pepper is green pepper dried for a longer time.
Hope you enjoy