Fabulous Pulled Pork with Doubles


I’ve read so many time about pulled pork and never ever cook it. It’s time to change. This recipe is from Yvette van Boven. I change only little things so it is not my recipe but it is so delicious I must post it. All you need for this recipe is time. About 6 hours – but you haven’t really much to do.
As always – the shopping list for four peoble
Pulled pork:
1,5 kg shoulder of pork
A lot of spicery, charges per item 2 tablespoons:

  • Brown sugar
  • bell pepper powder
  • 1 ½ tablespoon salt
  • ½ tablespoon cayenne pepper

That’s all – quite easy isn’t it?

For the Doubles (they come from Trinidad):
450g Flour
A pinch salt maybe two
1 teaspoon curcuma (for color only)
300 ml water
1x bag baking powder (~ 15g)
1 l oil (I used rape oil)
and 1 can of baked beans

½ small white cabbage
5 tablespoons vinegar
2 tablespoons oil
Salt & pepper

A short list for a great meal
Let’s begin:

As every time the ingredients should have room temperature.
Preheat the oven to 130 grad (~260 Fahrenheit – Mr. Google said).
Mix the spices for the pork and rub it onto/into the pork. If you have a spice injector you can used it with a little bit of oil. But don’t inject too much to the pork!

Put ½ l water into a casserole and get the pork in. Put into the oven and wait 5-6 hours.

Take the half of the cabbage and slice it into thin pieces. Put into a bowl and pour the venigra and the oil over it. No knead as long till the juice from the cabbage turn out. Salt & pepper over it – that’s all.

IMG_1219_Take a look after about 2 hours – there must always be a little bit of water in the casserole. After 4 hours the fat and juice from the pork should be in the casserole. So there is no need to poor water into it anymore.

4,5 hours later

We have quite a lot time to make the dough for the doubles.
Just mix all ingredients – maybe you don’t need as much water as I told, at first you should 250ml water – if you need more pour a little more in.  Leaf the Dough in a bowl. Wrap a towel over it and wait about 1 hour.
So far so good.
Flour the work space an slice the dough into 8 parts. Roll the dough to a size like a CD or DVD.
IMG_1222_Heat the baked beans slowly in a pot. Heat a pan with the oil. Slide the CD dough (one at the) into the really hot oil. Leave it there for 15 seconds. In my first attempt it didn’t work because I used not enough baking powder (you see it in the picture). Normally the dough “explodes” and turns into some kind of Panini, roll, bap (I don’t know the word you using for it). Take the duffballon out of the oil and take the next one.
IMG_1230Release the pork – let it in the casserole and take two forks and pulled it. Now cut the double and fill in the beans and the pulled pork.


IMG_1239_IMG_1242_Enjoy – I love it