Gâteau au chocolat à la Pebble

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120 g dark chocolate
100 g butter
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
120g sugar
2 tablespoons flour
some butter for greasing
sugar powder
maybe ice creme

What makes a Gâteau au chocolat? The liquid chocolate which is flowing out of the soft chocolate dough makes my day.

Ok let’s go and have 6 great Gâteau au chocolat
Preheat the oven to 250 degrees
Now, you need a pot with water – just a little bit.Annoy the water as long as it boiling – alternatively turn the stove on. You need another pot or bowl which must be smaller than the pot. In my case I use a cereal bowl.blog10

Crumble the chocolate into the bowl and melt it into the water bath – be careful with the water the chocolate should not be too hot. Just melting not cooking!!! Add the butter until it is dissolve.

Tataaataaaa Time for my friend Ken

Sometime I think I’m in love with Mr. Kenwood – the best kitchen machine I ever used.
Is it kitchen machine or food processor in English? mmmhh

Beat the eggs, yolks and sugar with the help of a food processor, beater or who has roller coaster untils it’s foamy. I used Ken and his strong arm makes it easy.blog5

blog6Slowly pure the chocolate tot he eggs.

Sieve the flour into the dough  – Otherwise the dough will have lumps and you take a little walk to the dustbin. Stirr the dough.
Grease the muffin pan (?)  with butter, at best first only one sample for the Gâteau.Now everything depends on you and your watch. Put the ramekin filled with 1 Gâteau in the oven – about 7-9 minutes. I have a silicon pan for 6 muffins but it dosen’t matter i fit is silicon or metal. After 7:30 minutes, the cake was perfect for me.

If you’ve found the right time – grease all ramekins and make the Gâteau of your life.
blog9Serve with ice crème and sugar powder